Ben Goertz


Engineering Complex Systems

I’ve been gathering notes related to complex systems. Please get in contact through Mastodon if you have related reading suggestions or want to chat more.


Over the years I’ve made silly videos for friends, timelapses, satire, Emmy award-winning broadcast TV specials, political campaign promos, and directed stadium productions for 100K+ rabid fans.

Music Videos



Cover Oregon website failure

I’m learning about the Cover Oregon project failure from several years ago. My notes so far are available in this repo. Please get in contact through Mastodon if you have any information related to the project.


CineNation podcast

Since our first episode in 2014 the podcast has grown and expanded to cover a wide range of film genres and history. The last couple years I’ve gone on less but Brandon is still leading the charge and I enjoy every time we get together. Episode 145 digging into Rian Johnson’s film “Brick” was a lot of fun!