Ben Goertz

Making Real Things

I’ve been stretching myself to try new creative projects that in one way or another intimidate me. When possible, I’ve tried to step away from computers and make real things with my hands – which is actually difficult to pull off!

Hand Lettering & Sign Painting + RISO Printing

This past weekend I took a hand lettering class at Outlet (imagine all the brightest and beautiful art perfectly arranged in your cool neighbors converted garage) and made this RISO print for my partner’s campaign:

I have a whole new level of respect for hand lettered signs around town!

Whenever I complete a RISO print project I learn something new! The challenge and the imperfections (and in many cases the printing deadline) are all part of the joy of it.

Campaign Zine

There’s one more page to complete for the 12 page zine I’ve been working on to celebrate the kickoff event for the campaign. Here’s a small preview of one of the handmade RISO spreads:


Back in February I took a letterpress class at the IPRC (a magical wonderland).

As always, completing a project like that gave me a new level of appreciation for letterpress work. It took many hours to learn to setup only a few lines of text and ultimately print a few dozen bookmarks.

RISO Printed Short Stories

My brother and I have a pair of short stories we RISO printed at the IPRC last fall but I got sidetracked from completing the covers on them. I need to design the covers and get these out into the world:

I keep pushing myself to create more meaningful work. Gathering these projects up and seeing the progress is a good reminder to breathe and enjoy the cool things that have already made it into the world.